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About Mentoring

Out of our work with teens, the G.E.T. (Get Every Teen) Mentoring program has developed into a tool to connect the at-risk elementary-aged youth we encounter with high school mentors from similar backgrounds. G.E.T. Mentoring is a large umbrella encompassing many different programs, all with a focus on high school students mentoring elementary-age students. We have observed that there are few things more impactful than the relationship between a high school mentor and an elementary-aged mentee. We have found that the high schoolers can offer relevant perspective, advice, and life experiences and are able to relate in a unique way to the elementary youth's current needs. Having someone to look up to as a role model can change a child's life, and we have seen this first hand over and over again. We have been impressed at how these relationships have created a sense of purpose and a drive to be a positive role model in the lives of the high school mentors. 


     We believe that investing in the future of at-risk youth will have a significant impact city-wide, in our city and beyond. We have seen repeatedly how the ripple effects from investing in one child can change whole atmospheres, and we believe that each child in Stockton is important enough to experience transformational relationships. G.E.T. Mentoring is more than just a program - it is a belief and a hope, for the youth and for our city, that lives can be transformed through establishing meaningful relationships. We want every teen to know that they are loved, valued, and cared about enough that they will be able to reach out to the next generation and instill those same values in their elementary-age counterparts.   

"G.E.T. Mentoring is more than just a program - it is a belief and a hope, for the youth and for our city..."

Youth Mentoring Programs




Adult Mentoring Programs

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