Leadership Training Program

We believe that anyone can be trained to be a powerful and effective leader, and the heart of Restore is leaders raising up other leaders to impact the world. Restore’s leadership training program comprises three elements: living, action, and community. Restore Living is an intentional decision by those who feel called to go further, and it is the core of all our mentoring programs because it is where our leaders are mentored by other leaders. We believe that we have been called to live among the people we serve in order to have the greatest impact. There are multiple Restore Living houses that facilitate the core discipleship and leadership training. All of the Restore Living houses are in the heart of the neighborhoods that we minister in, and we intentionally live in the rundown, broken, and neglected neighborhoods. Restore Living gives us the ability to see the needs of our community from the inside, thereby allowing us to identify where we can best target our efforts to see restoration. As leaders are raised up through focused discipleship and mentoring by other leaders, we are able to minister much more powerfully and effectively. While we do physically accomplish a lot, most of the change we see in our community comes from powerful leaders living out of their true identity and inspiring others to do the same. Restore Living therefore ultimately allows us to accomplish Restore Action.


     Restore Action is the day-to-day work, and it's where Restore missionaries meet people's practical needs. In some cases Restore Action has looked like a proactive effort to end human trafficking or close down drug distribution on our streets. In other cases it has looked like throwing a block party on the Fourth of July and engaging our neighbors through joyful celebration. Restore Action takes many different forms, and it includes our weekly programs such as mentoring and gardening, as well as special events and other initiatives. Restore Action is where leaders in training come together and work towards meeting the needs of our community through their individual passions and natural gifts. As the Restore residents become empowered through being mentored, they then have opportunities to empower others and change the circumstances around them through mentoring. Restore Action is the residents of the neighborhood being active to work together towards Restore Community.


     Restore Community is a coming together of the people of the community, and it is individuals working together towards the common goal of seeing a community restored. There are countless organizations working to accomplish the same purpose in Stockton, and our goal is to connect them all in order to empower them to be the most effective. Restore Community is about unity and oneness among different people groups, churches, families, gangs, businesses, and neighborhoods. Restore Community is the culmination of Restore Living and Restore Action - as we mentor leaders, they become empowered to take action in the midst of the brokenness around them, and their passion becomes restoration and unity in the city of Stockton.