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Our Vision

At the heart of everything we do at Restore is the phrase ‘engage, empower, equip.’ Our

purpose in our city is to engage the residents through real relationships; to empower

them through identifying potential, talents, abilities, and calling; and to equip them

through training and resourcing. 


     We at Restore are all about relationships. Behind every

program, initiative, or project that we engage in is the desire to build deep and

lasting relationships with those around us. We believe that transformation happens

in people’s lives when they know their value and their worth, and the way to truly

learn this is in the context of healthy relationships. Mentoring is so essential to

what we do because we have witnessed over and over how individuals’ lives can

change when they know and believe that someone cares about them. The youth of

this city especially are full of potential and power to be the transformation that

Stockton needs, and it is our heart and our goal to pour into them relationally and give

them all the tools necessary to be the change that they wish to see. 

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