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About Stockton R.A.G.S.

      R.A.G.S. (Restore Art & Graphic Styles) is an apparel and lifestyle collection designed and created by a group of artists and makers in Stockton, California. The purpose of RAGS is to empower at-risk youth in Stockton to develop entrepreneurial skills and artistic talents through the creation and maintenance of an apparel line. RAGS gives Stockton youth the tools to create a career and venture into new industries, which simultaneously gives them a chance to fulfill their potential as they are mentored by the RAGS team of designers. All proceeds from RAGS support further youth mentoring in Stockton. 

     RAGS came out of a desire to further support the at-risk youth in our programs by creating an avenue for them to dream big while giving them the tools and resources to make those dreams a reality. While RAGS initially centers on  mentoring youth in the context of graphic design and screen-printing, ultimately the goal is to teach these youth the entrepreneurial skills necessary to successfully create and launch their own businesses. 

     RAGS has an online store where apparel can be purchased. In addition, RAGS apparel is sold at local farmer’s markets and makers fairs in the San Joaquin area. 

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