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Our Staff


What is today known as the organization Restore Stockton began as a very organic and intentional decision by one family to follow the call of God on their lives to restore our city. David and Raegan Cicileo, along with their children Elijah and Hannah, moved to Stockton in 2009 with the intention of meeting their neighbors and looking for ways to fill practical needs around them. This developed into a passion to bring the community together and raise awareness about how we can all work together towards restoration of Stockton.


     In 2010 a unique opportunity came for the Cicileo’s to move into one of the most run-down neighborhoods in Stockton and continue their work there. At that time, a group of about 15 people moved into the Magnolia Historic District near downtown Stockton. From day one they found themselves immersed in a poverty-stricken culture, and they began simply by providing food for the hungry and help for the helpless. They began to open their doors to the youth of the neighborhood and provide a safe, loving environment for them while helping them with homework and teaching basic life skills. 


     In 2011 the Cicileo’s were challenged by a group of supporters to launch an organization that would provide the structure for expansion and growth of the work that they were engaging in. This is when the idea to form an official non-profit began to develop, and in July 2011 Restore was founded.  The Cicileo’s continue to oversee and run Restore, with David serving as Executive Director.  




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